Did you hear about …

5 Apr

It’s one of those music genres you can’t stop listening to. I’m talking about Electro Pop/Electronica. I started getting into this type of music when I was in High School. To be specific, the latter part of Grade Nine. Listening to remixed versions of songs on the radio during “club nights”. Mostly Friday and Saturday to get your weekend started. I remember listening back in 2006 on Saturday nights, dancing about to remixed songs nobody had ever heard before (at least nobody I knew had heard them before).

In early 2007, I started listening to music from The Mod Club . It was the best music I had ever heard. CFNY (102.1 The Edge) the radio station I currently listen to, had Thursday nights from there with DJ MRK. Thursday became my favourite day of the week. Most of the artists they played such as Crystal Castles, I’ve been listening to ever since.

Recently, I started listening to Caribou. Daniel Victor Snaith is the Canadian composer behind Caribou. Their type of music is synth-pop-electro. This type is my favourite flavour of music. It reminds me of bubble gum ice cream, metallic eye shadow, and 80s hair accessories. Their song “Found Out” reminds me travelling long distances in the car during the summer. This music genre will change your life.

Seriously, so so good!!

Tpcfan, Leevero

http://youtu.be/ORJZay6zgT8– Caribou “Found Out”


http://youtu.be/HpmvA9PQKJ8 – Caribou “Hannibal”

http://youtu.be/JITI0FskSG0 – Crystal Castles “Celestica”


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